Review and Ratings Policies

I love to read and am more than willing to share my thoughts on what I’ve read. I typically receive advance reader copies via NetGalley, but if you have read some of my reviews and believe my interests are a good match for your work, or those of the author you represent, then feel free to send me a note through the Contact page and I can get back in touch. I make no promise that I will write a review but I will certainly consider it and I appreciate you thinking of me. How I rate these books can be found below…

On this site I will be reviewing mysteries written by contemporary authors, be it cozy, historical, Golden Age Renaissance, etc.

Please keep in mind that I do not review romance, erotica, graphic novels, or poetry.

Regarding responses to requests, I will only reply to those emails with books I am interested in reviewing.


5 Stars – Absolutely love this book and everything about it. This is a book that I would keep and re-read. A book I’d highly recommend.

4 Stars – I really enjoyed this book and recommend it without reservations.

3 Stars – While not a book that I truly enjoyed reading, or was not to my taste, it had many good points. I would recommend it with a few reservations.

2 Stars – I did not enjoy this book or it was not to my taste. I had several reservations about this book. I would only recommend this book to avid readers of the author.

1 Star – I do not recommend this book.

Please note…I try not rate book at less that 3 stars. If I feel it deserves a lower rating I will probably not finish it because quite frankly, it is not something that I want to read. For that reason I cannot in all honesty provide a rating of any kind. If obtained as an ARC, the site, author, agent, etc., will be informed that no review is forthcoming and reasons as to why I could not finish. If purchased, or physical ARC provided by a publisher, it will be returned. If you do see anything less than a 3, I did finish the book and therefore felt that the book should be reviewed.


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